Trademark Policy

1. What does this policy apply to?

1.1 The "OpenLSEF Marks"

This policy applies to all trademarks of the OpenLSEF and Solv3D. The trademarks are both registered and unregistered trademarks, including non-stylized wordmarks and the trade dress of OpenLSEF. See also a non-exhaustive list of our trademarks. In this policy, we refer to them as the "OpenLSEF marks" or just "marks."

1.2 "Use" of the OpenLSEF Marks

This Policy applies whenever you want to use the OpenLSEF marks. Section 2 of this policy applies to all uses of the marks. Other sections apply only to uses that do not require separate permission, uses that require a trademark license, or uses under agreements held by chapters, thematic organizations, and user groups that are recognized by OpenLSEF. If some term in your trademark license is inconsistent with this policy, you should follow the license terms.

1.3 "We" or "OpenLSEF"

This Policy regulates the use of marks held by OpenLSEF and Solv3D. Sometimes, this policy simply refers to OpenLSEF and Solv3D as "we."

1.4 "You"

This Policy applies to "you" if you want to use the OpenLSEF marks and explains how you may use them. You may be an OpenLSEF, chapter, thematic organization, or user group. You may also be an unrelated individual or organization.

1.4.1 Community Members

The OpenLSEF community includes everyone who contributes to the OpenLSEF site in furtherance of our mission. It also includes members and staff of chapters, thematic organizations, user groups, and OpenLSEf and Solv3D.

The members of the OpenLSEF community share a common mission of creating and distributing free educational content. They are the core of the OpenLSEF movement. Accordingly, community members may freely use the OpenLSEF logo. They are also free to use all OpenLSEF marks on the OpenLSEF site and for OpenLSEF community-focused events, as well as outreach work without obtaining a trademark license. Community members can also easily request a License for certain other community uses, such as OpenLSEF photo events. We generally give priority to community requests for uses that require an ordinary trademark license.

1.4.2 Chapters, user groups, and thematic organizations

Chapters, user groups, and thematic organizations recognized by OpenLSEF and Solv#D are called "movement organizations". They are independent from OpenLSEF and support and promote the OpenLSEF site. These groups enter into agreements with OpenLSEF or Solv3D, which allow them to use certain OpenLSEF marks. Any use should primarily further OpenLSEF's mission. To use the marks beyond the specified scope of its agreement, an organization can ask for a separate trademark license or simply comply with this policy when the use does not require a license. An organization can, of course, always select its own names, logos, and domain names. It does not have to use our marks.

1.4.3 Other organizations or individuals

Individuals and companies may want to display our marks in movies, books, apps, or other media. As long as users are not confused about the source of those works, this type of use can promote the OpenLSEF site and mission by expanding the reach of free knowledge and potentially recruiting new OpenLSEF community members. But it is important that the OpenLSEF marks are not misleadingly used to market others' products because that will confuse OpenLSEF users. We therefore have to be careful when licensing the marks for these purposes. For example, when licensing the marks to an organization that has its own logo, we need to make sure that it does not display any OpenLSEF mark more prominently than its own logo or name. It's helpful to always have a proper separation between the organization's name and logo and any OpenLSEF mark. Users should clearly see that the organization's products or services are provided by that other organization rather than OpenLSEF or Solv3D. Such use is never allowed without a trademark license.

2 How to use the OpenLSEF marks

2.1 Proper form

You may use the wordmarks as a proper name (e.g., "OpenLSEF is great") or as an adjective (e.g., "the OpenLSEF site is awesome"). This includes any of the official translations and transliterations of the OpenLSEF marks.

On the OpenLSEF, you may use the marks in any form. You may create remixes of the wordmarks and logos, abbreviate them, and add to them.

Outside the OpenLSEF site, you may only use OpenLSEF wordmarks in their full form and properly capitalized. The logos should not be modified without separate permission from OpenLSEF or Solv3D. We need to make sure that the logos remain distinctive from other marks.

2.2 Notice or trademark symbol

When reasonable, please include this notice when you use a mark outside the OpenLSEF site:

"[OpenLSEF Wordmark / name of logo as listed here] is a trademark of Solv3D and is used with the permission of Solv3D. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with OpenLSEF or Solv3D.

The notice should appear near the first use of a OpenLSEF mark. One notice is enough if you display multiple marks, provided the notice refers to all of them. You do not need to display this notice if you are using the Community logo under Section 3.4.

If the mark will primarily appear on a mobile screen or another medium with limited visual space, you may instead use a trademark symbol (™) with the mark to show that it is a Solv3D trademark. For size and location of the trademark symbol, please see the Visual Identity Guidelines. When you use a symbol due to limited space and there are additional pages to your material, please include the notice in the text of a prominent page (e.g., most mobile apps have an "about us" section and may display terms during installation).

Regardless of whether you use a notice or a trademark symbol to identify your use of OpenLSEF marks, please make sure that your use does not suggest endorsement by or affiliation with OpenLSEF or Solv3D.

3 When you may use the OpenLSEF marks without asking us

3.1 Use of trademarks on the OpenLSEF site

You may use and remix the OpenLSEF marks on the OpenLSEF site as you please.

3.2 Community-focused events

You may use the trademarks for events that promote our mission and are intended to be predominantly attended by OpenLSEF community members.

This provision does not allow you to use the marks for fundraising.

3.3 Outreach and recruiting new contributors

You may use the marks consistent with our mission to educate people about the OpenLSEF site and to recruit new contributors, as long as you make it clear that you do not work for OpenLSEf or Solv3D. You can create educational material or banners to decorate a public fair stand or to publicize an event.

This provision does not allow you to use the marks for fundraising.

3.4 Discussing something other than OpenLSEF (fair use)

Wordmarks can sometimes have a primary meaning, in addition to representing a brand (like the words "apple" or "facebook"). Our wordmarks were not real words before our projects were created. But we will interpret fair use broadly to include the use of our wordmarks when you clearly mean to talk about something other than OpenLSEF.

3.5 Refer to OpenLSEF (nominative use)

You can use the non-stylized wordmarks (e.g., "OpenLSEF") to describe:

  • An OpenLSEF site or another aspect of the OpenLSEF movement in a text.
  • A derivative work of OpenLSEF content in a way that is not misleading.

You may use all OpenLSEF marks on your own website as a hyperlink to the OpenLSEF sites.

Here are some other specific cases of nominative use:

3.5.1 News reporting

You may use the OpenLSEF marks to make truthful statements about the OpenLSEF site in news reports and commentary.

3.5.2 Personal blogs and social media

You may use the OpenLSEF marks to make or illustrate truthful statements about the OpenLSEF site in personal blogs and social media. But please do not do it to imply endorsement by or affiliation with OpenLSEF. To avoid confusion, do not use the OpenLSEF logos in the background, as your profile image, or in the header of your blog, in the name of your blog, or in your social media username. This section is not meant to restrict your use of the Community logo under Section 3.4.

3.5.3 Artistic, scientific, literary, political, and other non-commercial uses

You can use the OpenLSEF marks to discuss the OpenLSEF site in artistic, scientific, literary, and political work.

But please send us a request if you want to place an OpenLSEF mark on the cover of your book, display an OpenLSEF mark in a movie, or organize an event or presentation that could be interpreted to be endorsed by OpenLSEF or Solv3D. For more information, please see Section 4.

You may use the marks in satire or jokes. To avoid confusing users that your work is affiliated with the OpenLSEF site, it may be helpful to mark your work as "satire" or "parody."

3.6 Make your own branded stuff

You may create things with the marks for your own use. These can be t-shirts, caps, desktop wallpapers, lanyards and even cakes! But please do not sell them. If you want to sell your branded stuff, you may request a license under Section 4.6.

4 Special uses that require permission

All uses that are not allowed under Section 3 or prohibited by Section 5 of this policy require a trademark license. This section discusses only the most common uses that require a license.

When you use our marks under a trademark license, you need to comply with its terms as well as with this trademark policy. If some term in your license is inconsistent with this policy, you should follow that license term.

4.1 Domain Names

You need permission to register or use a domain name that contains an OpenLSEF mark in it. Do not register a domain that looks or sounds similar to an OpenLSEF mark or includes a misspelled OpenLSEF mark, because that can confuse OpenLSEF users.

4.2 Events and conferences

You need a trademark license if you plan to host a public event or a conference that uses an OpenLSEF mark.

When you obtain a trademark license, it will apply only to the specific event in your request. You will need to apply for a new license if you want to host another event.

4.3 Publications

You need a trademark license if you want to use an OpenLSEF mark in a publication, unless your use qualifies as fair or nominative use under U.S. trademark law or other applicable foreign laws.

When you obtain a trademark license, it will only apply to the specific publication in your request. You will need to apply for a new license if you want to make another publication.

4.4 Movies and TV shows

You need a trademark license to use the OpenLSEF logo in a movie, TV show episode, or online production.

When you obtain a trademark license, it will only apply to the specific film, TV show episode, or online production in your request. You will need to apply for a new license if you want to shoot another film or TV show episode.

4.5 Commercial merchandise

You may make merchandise with the OpenLSEF trademarks for commercial use, if:

  • You obtain a trademark license from OpenLSEF or Solv3D; and
  • You truthfully advertise to customers how much of the selling price, if any, will be donated to the OpenLSEF site.

5 Prohibited uses

5.1 Misleading mirrors and mimicking sites

Please do not create a website that mimics the "look and feel" of the OpenLSEF site. This especially applies to imitated OpenLSEF pages. If you have a good reason to create a mimicking site, please contact us at

You do not need to contact us if your mimicking site is clearly a parody.

If you create a mirror, make sure to comply with the relevant licenses for the content. Avoid copying links to OpenLSEF policies and contact details. Please do not use the OpenLSEF marks in a mirror of the OpenLSEF site.

5.2 Linking to non-OpenLSEF sites

You may use OpenLSEF marks to link to OpenLSEF pages only. Please refer to Links to OpenLSEF pages if you want to link to an OpenLSEF page from your website.

5.3 Misrepresentation

When you use an OpenLSEF mark under this policy, please use it to represent only the project for which it stands. Please do not create the impression that your use is in any way endorsed, sponsored by, or is part of OpenLSEF or Solv3D. This section also applies when you are granted a license to use a mark that doesn't permit you to suggest such an endorsement.

6 Trademark Misuse

6.1 Reporting misuse

Fighting trademark misuse is very important. We put a lot of effort into going after cases of trademark infringement because we want to protect the valuable trademark rights the community has created. If you see a mark being used in any way that could be infringing, please tell us! Just send an email to or fill in this form. We really appreciate your help!

6.2 Revoking permission for misuses

We may revoke the right to use the OpenLSEF marks under this policy at any time by providing notice in any manner if we determine that a trademark use is inconsistent with our mission or could harm community members, movement organizations, OpenLSEF or Solv3D.

Trademark Policy adapted from Wikipedia's Trademark Policy